Friday, July 13, 2012

Reflecting On What We Learned from Frances

Week of July 8, 2012—An Interview with Frances Gilbert
Friday, July 13—Reflecting On What We Learned from Frances

What a wonderful week with Frances Gilbert! I learned so much. How about you? If I were teaching and you were in my class and we had just spent time with Frances, I would stop and ask, “So what?”

So what do you remember?
So what made an impact on you?
So what are you taking away with you?
So what will you do differently now?
So what is the one thing you absolutely have to put into practice?

My list is long. But below are some of the quotes I’ll remember from Frances.

R So much of it is about pacing.
R Tell me a story I’ve never heard before.
R “Too quiet” is a nice way of saying “No one is going to buy your book because it’s not very interesting.”
R I’m looking for something I love.
R Leave room in your story for the illustrations.
R Let your story breathe.
R A strong, sharp opening line [is what gets my attention]. Something that makes me want to get to page two.

Ask yourself, “So what?” Then reflect on Frances Gilbert’s rich comments in this week’s posts. I can guarantee that doing so will make you a stronger writer.

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