Sunday, July 29, 2012

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Week of July 29, 2012: Revise It, or Bury It?
Quotes of the Week:
It’s always too soon to quit.
—Norman Vincent Peale

Never give up, even when you should.
—Kelly Creagh

Life is like riding a bicycle—in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.
—Albert Einstein

A few weeks ago, Madeleine (a friend and fellow critique group member) asked, “When does a picture book manuscript need revision and work, and when does it need a funeral?” What a good question. I’ve met picture book writers who have literally spent five or ten years working on one manuscript. I’ve met other writers who give up and abandon manuscript after manuscript. We all get to the point when we face the question: “Is it time to continue to revise this manuscript, or does it just need to be buried forever?”

I shared the question with several picture book authors and industry professionals and have received a few responses back so far. Follow along this week to see if you need to put on your work boots or a black suit.

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