Thursday, July 19, 2012


August 2012 Issue of Booklist

Cowboy Christmas.
Sanders, Rob (Author) , Manders, John (Illustrator)
Sep 2012. 32 p. Random/Golden, hardcover, $10.99. (9780375869853).
Saddle up, Santa. A gang of dusty cowpokes lament that “Santy Claus will never find us out here on the range” and that even if he did, he wouldn’t put presents under the ugly old Christmas cactus they rustle up. He probably wouldn’t like the burnt molasses-and-beans cookies either, and tying sticks to the cows’ antlers wouldn’t fool anyone into thinking they might be reindeer. But when Dwight, Darryl, and Dub return to camp on Christmas night, lo and behold—there’s Santy himself with a tree, feast, presents, and caroling aplenty. Shame that Cookie had to miss it all (wink wink). The warmhearted and goofy story hits all the right notes for a hearty Yuletide warble, and Manders supplies cutesy cows, push-broom mustaches, and ten-gallon hats with happy aplomb. This double-threat book has got both your holiday-season and home-on-the-range needs covered.


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Cookie Gilbert said...

Bravo! "Warmhearted and goofy" - that hits all the right notes for me. Congrats, Rob!

Susan said...

Way to go, Rob! Yippeekiyay!

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Rob Sanders said...

Thanks, everyone! I'm excited like a little kid at Christmas!