Monday, August 29, 2011

Workspace and Work Tips from Lisa Wheeler

Week of August 28: Workspaces and Work Tips from Writing Friends
Monday, August 29: Author Lisa Wheeler

Since very little of my writing gets done while I stare at a blank screen in my office, I thought I would make a list of places where I have actually written some of my books and also places where I got ideas for them.

1.      Swimming laps in a pool
2.      On a riding lawn mower
3.      On a treadmill

4.      Taking a walk
5.      Riding in a car

6.   Pulling weeds
7.      Cleaning house
8.      Spin class
9.      On a cruise ship

Inside Lisa’s office . . .

This is a tiny smidgeon of my book collection in my office. This shelf also houses my Mother Goose Collection.

This is the sign I have posted above my computer. It was drawn by Kathryn Hunley (, a California artist who took my Boot Camp last June.

This photo is the top of the china closet in my office. This houses the first editions of my books and any subsequent printings. It also holds some of my puppets and treasured book-related mementos.

It’s Your Turn!
1. Here's the message I got from Lisa today—get up from your computer! Get active! See the world! Experience life! Ideas come when you least expect them.
2. Visit Lisa's website at:


Susanna Leonard Hill said...

My office is exactly this tidy. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise :)

I also tend to get ideas while doing other things - walking, running, washing dishes, folding laundry, in the shower... places where you're physically busy but your mind is free to wander.

Thanks for a great post. It's fun to see how others work!

Rob Sanders said...

Thanks, Susanna. I love seeing others' processes, too!