Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Workspace and Work Tips from Tammi Sauer, Day 2

Week of August 28: Workspaces and Work Tips from Writing Friends
Wednesday, August 31: Author Tammi Sauer, Day 2

Taking a Closer Look at Tammi’s Office

On the shelves above my desk, I have stuff that makes me happy/keeps me inspired.

Top shelf stuff (left to right):
The cupcake container is from my sis to celebrate the launch of Mostly Monsterly.
Underneath the cupcake container are two books that my S&S editor Alexandra Penfold gave me the day we first met. Aw.
The painting of Marge and Lola, the chickens from Chicken Dance, came from oh-so-awesome friend and illustrator, Ken Min. Lola’s shirt reads “Chicks Dig the Thunder” because die-hard Lakers fan Ken knows where my love is at.
The stack of pbs includes many of my favorites such as A Pet for Petunia, Grumpy Bird, and Ugly Fish.
Bottom shelf stuff (left to right):
The star cookie cutter is from my editor Alexandra Penfold.
The word BELIEVE is there as a constant reminder.
Underneath BELIEVE are more beloved pbs, one of which is Hush, Little Dragon.
In front of BELIEVE is a tiny duck figurine given to me by the amazing and wildly talented friend and pb author Tara Lazar. Tara thought the duck reminded her of my Mr. Duck in Mr. Duck Means Business and felt it might be a good muse for me. This duck also proved to be my lucky duck. Within days of its arrival, I got an offer on a new pb. Ooh.
The disco ball necklace was given to me by best-selling author and all around super great guy Jay Asher.
The card was given to me by my sister after my first book COWBOY CAMP came out. Yeehaw!
The tiny glass pig was given to me by my daughter because she knows I think pigs are funny.
The flower pot and star pen were given to me by a principal at one of my school visits.
The duck pencil was given to me by Newbery Honor Winner and nicest person ever Cynthia Lord. When RULES debuted, I ordered a signed copy of the book through Cynthia. The book arrived with a fun business card, a Swedish fish, and that pencil.
The small card that reads, “Anything is possible. Believe!” was given to me by the very same pen pal I have had since I was fourteen years old.
The tiny frog was given to me by my son. For luck.
I love having all of these things sitting directly above my desk. They hold memories. They motivate me. They make me realize how incredibly lucky I am to be in this crazy whirlwind of a business.
Now I should probably get back to work. The Mr. Duck figurine is very pushy.
It’s Your Turn!
1 .What things motivate and inspire you? Surround yourself with those things as you write.

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