Sunday, August 14, 2011

Coming This Week!

Week of August 14, 2011--More Great Moments from SCBWI, LA
Quotes of the Week:
In today’s rapidly changing world it’s not our know-how, it’s our learn-how that ensures our continued success in business and in life.
—Larry Wilson

Original ideas come from reassembling knowledge in new ways. But you need to have that knowledge in your mind before you can reassemble it.
—Leon Botstein

The 40th annual SCBWI Summer Conference is still fresh in my mind. What a sweet experience. (In case you weren’t there, the photo above is of the sweet dessert served at the luncheon. A chocolate book filled with yumminess.) This week I’ll recap some other great sessions I attended and share some of the picture books I discovered in the SCBWI book store. Follow along—it will be almost as good as being there yourself.

NOTE: I start back to school this week, so please forgive the abbreviated postings. Once I’ve adjusted to my schedule, Picture This! will be back in full swing!

Monday—Alessandra Balzer: You Can Handle the Truth: Honest Advice on What Editors Are Looking For
Tuesday—Leonard Marcus: Non-Narrative Picture Books
Wednesday—Picture Book Treasures Discovered at SCBWI
Thursday—More Picture Book Treasures Discovered at SCBWI

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