Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thanks, PB&J!

My critique group, PB&J, surprised me at our recent meeting with a You-Signed-with-an-Agent Party. The table was decorated with a cowboy motif in honor of my first picture book. The cool plaque in the photo above now hangs in my home office.

The flowers from the party (filled with Sharpies for signing autographs), is in my office/classroom at school. PB&J, you are the best. I’m buying the flowers for the next celebration. Who’s it gonna be?!

Speaking of school, we are back in full swing. This is the bulletin board outside of my office/classroom. Students are beginning the year learning about memoirs and writing the stories they have on their hearts.


tammi sauer said...

Well, yeehaw! What a wonderful surprise! :)

Rob Sanders said...

We've got a wonderful group, Tammi. You should move to FL and join us! :-)

tammi sauer said...

Haha! Very tempting. :)