Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stories from My Life

Week of August 19, 2012: Finding Stories Within
Tuesday, August 21—Stories from My Life

Ralph Fletcher tells student writers: “I believe that the best [story] ideas are living inside you. Your job is to dig them out.” (http://www.ralphfletcher.com/tips.html)

Everyone’s life is full of stories. You probably have stories from your childhood that you retell to friends and family (or that they tell on you). Stories about adventures, accidents, surprises, unexpected events, and more. And we’ve all heard stories during our growing-up years—Uncle Frank’s dentures lost at the restaurant, the time a Chihuahua chased Mom home from school, the teacher who told you that she was once kidnapped by gypsies, and more. 

The stories you’ve lived and the stories you’ve heard can be great inspiration for writing.  Use the sheet below to gather your stories. (Remember, (1) you can make a list if you prefer, (2) save your sheet for future reference.)
     Stories from My Life  

Stories Ive Lived

Stories Ive Heard

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