Thursday, August 23, 2012

Memorable People

Week of August 19, 2012: Finding Stories Within
Thursday, August 23—Memorable People

Are there people in your life you will never forget? When I model write for my students, I often write about my Granny Raney; my brother, Butch (whom I paint as the worst brother ever); my grade-school friends Doug Nutter, Tony Miller, and Booger Davis; and my dog, Baxter. These are some of the memorable people in my life (and, yes, I consider Baxter a person).

The people you memorable (good or bad) can inspire your writing. You don’t have to use their names, or the exact details of the event (though you could), but you can be inspired by these people and their stories.

Use today’s idea-gathering sheet to generate more ideas for your writing. One of those memorable people in your life might just become a memorable picture book character in one of your books.

Memorable People in My Life

The Person

The Memory

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Heather said...

Thank you! I'm going to use this for my own writing and as a fun story starting exercise with my sons.