Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Writing Ideas Coat of Arms

Week of September 25—Magical Writing Wizards
Tuesday, September 27—Writing Ideas Coat of Arms

One of the most difficult things for most writers—young and old—is deciding on an idea to write about. Many writers draw a blank when trying to think of a writing idea. Others think of ideas, but forgot them before the pencil touches the paper (or the fingers touch the keyboard). I always help writers collect ideas for writing. The more ideas you list, the more writing possibilities you have. And a funny thing happens when peoples write down one idea, suddenly two or three more pop into their heads.

For The School of Magical Scribes I’ve developed a coat of arms on which to gather ideas. I’ll distribute the sheets and then I’ll give guidance as to how to fill in idea. Why not try it out for yourself?

My Writing Ideas Coat of Arms

Step 1: Write your name in the ribbon below the coat of arms.
Step 2: In one rectangle write down memories of places you visited for the first (first day in kindergarten, first time at the dentist, first time in NYC, and so on).
Step 3: Choose another rectangle and jot down scary and creepy memories (people, places, things, events).
Step 4: In a third rectangle write down your most embarrassing memories. (They may be embarrassing and humiliating or embarrassing and hysterical.)
Step 5: In a fourth rectangle jot down things that someone taught you to do. (Baking a favorite recipe, playing a game, learning to play piano, etc.)
Step 6: Now write down good memoires of times with friends (having fun, getting in trouble, going on an adventure).
Step 7: In your last rectangle, write down other memories that have popped into your head that don’t fit anywhere else.

It’s Your Turn!
1. I challenge you to collect some new ideas for writing. Then put those ideas in your writing notebook. (If you don’t have a writing notebook, start one today). The ultimate challenge: Choose one of your new ideas and write about it today.

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Unknown said...

Hi Rob:

Believe it or not, I was just thinking of creating a coat of arms for writers, Googled it, and found your post. Kizmit!