Sunday, September 4, 2011

Coming This Week!

Week of September 4—Imagine if . . .
Quotes of the week:
Ideas have a short shelf life. You must act on them before the expiration date.
—John C. Maxwell

Anyone can come up with new ideas. Innovators make them happen.
—Michael Leboeuf

Imagine if a noted picture book expert (who could make or break a picture book through his critique) asked you to write a concept picture book for his review. Oh, did I mention it’s due in two weeks?

Imagine if an editorial director who is known for spotting trends says, “I like your writing, but this story won’t do. Could you write something about X and Y and maybe put a little Z in there? I look forward to seeing what you come up with.”

Imagine if an agent loves a story you wrote and then says, “I want to see two more stories that are just as good and that feature the same characters.”

I’ve faced all three of these situations in the last month and a half. Each request, at first, seemed daunting. But as I accepted each challenge, my writing rose to a new level. This week I’m going to throw out a daily Imagine-if Scenario. I dare you to sit in your chair each day, accept the assignment, and write a full picture book manuscript. (Don’t get hung up on revision YET—just write.)

Monday—Labor Day Holiday
Tuesday—Imagine-if Scenario #1
Wednesday—Imagine-if Scenario #2
Thursday—Imagine-if Scenario #3
Friday—Imagine-if Scenario #4


Jean Reidy said...

Hey Rob - I've had many of the above imagine-ifs happen to me as well. Flexibility is hugely important in this industry, eh? Looking forward to your daily scenarios.

Rob Sanders said...

Yes, Jean, flexibility is the key. And the good news is we can learn to be flexible and to turn on a dime! :-)

tammi sauer said...

Hooray! I believe in you, Rob. :)

btw...Mostly Monsterly began as an "imagine if..." sort of scenario.

Rob Sanders said...

THANKS, Tammi!!!

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

That sounds great, Rob! You're going to have loads of picture books on the shelves!

I've had something similar happen once or twice and I've found, to my surprise, that sometimes it's easier to rise to the occasion than you might think.

Looking forward to your "Imagine if" scenarios - maybe they'll spark something good :)

Rob Sanders said...

Knock on wood that we all are inspired!