Thursday, September 1, 2011

Workspace and Work Tips from Joyce Sweeney

Week of August 28: Workspaces and Work Tips from Writing Friends
Thursday, September 1: Author and Writing Coach Joyce Sweeney

The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Writers

1. If your family is distracting during the day, become nocturnal.  You can always sleep when you're dead.

2. Nothing is more important than writing down a great idea the minute you have it. 

3. Writing is something you do with the sure knowledge that you are going to revise it. The first draft of anything should be freewheeling, stupid and flawed or you're being too careful.

4. Make it clear to yourself what is work time and what is relaxing/family time.  I like to mark these boundaries with the use of coffee and wine, respectively.

5. If you're on a roll and you don't want to stop, don't stop.

6. You cannot make deadlines on things that are out of your control.  So don't say, "I want to have an agent by such-and-such a date."  You should spend your efforts making deadlines on things you can control.  "I will have what a book agent has requested by such-and-such a date."

7.  Make every project as good as you can. Then revise it again. Then take a class. Then revise it again. Then revise it again.

8. (bonus tip) Revise it again!

It’s Your Turn!
1. You heard the woman, revise it again!
2. Visit Joyce’s website at


Romelle Broas said...

This is so funny. My favorite is #1!

BTW: Rob, you have just been awarded the Liebster blog award. Go to: to pick-up your award.

-Romelle (aka: Running-girl)

Leslie Gorin said...

#3's the one I love. Freewheeling, stupid, and flawed: always a noble goal!

Leslie G

Rob Sanders said...

Joyce is one of a kind . . . and totally real!

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

Love the tips! I clearly need to work on #3 :)

Rebecca Gomez said...

I think there should be a couple more "revise it agains" in there.