Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Imagine-if Scenario #2

Week of September 4—Imagine if . . .
Wednesday, September 7—Imagine-if Scenario #2

Imagine if . . .

An editor to whom you’ve submitted a manuscript writes back and says:

I love your writing. You have the ability to tell a story concisely and with great fun and flare. Unfortunately, I can’t make an offer on your piece, I have something similar coming out on my list next year. I have an idea for you to consider. I’m looking for a story about bullying or dealing with bullying. But I want the story to be lighthearted and funny and to top it off, I want the bully to end up being the hero of the story. I’m interested to see what you can do with this idea.

It’s Your Turn!
1. You know you can’t let this opportunity slip by.
2. Plan your story.
3. Write your draft.

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