Thursday, September 8, 2011

Imagine-if Scenario #3

Week of September 4—Imagine if . . .
Thursday, September 8—Imagine-if Scenario #3

Imagine if . . .

You’ve been in touch with an agent who seems interested in your work. She keeps asking to see more manuscripts, at least. Finally, you get the following email:

You know how I admire your writing. Now I want to see how you can take an idea and build on it. While there are no guarantees in the picture book market, one needs to be ready to follow-up on a best sellter in hopes of building a franchise. Choose your favorite manuscript. Now draft a new story building on the same character(s). I want to see a different aspect of the world in which the character(s) lives . . . but I want to feel a connection between the two stories. Don’t think sequel, think new story.

It’s Your Turn!
1. This is either a test that’s going to possibly land you an agent, or the agent may actually know she could pitch the right two-book package to an editor.
2. Choose your favorite manuscript.
3. Plan an additional story.
4. Write your draft.

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