Friday, July 22, 2011

My Childhood in a Box!

This is the lunchbox I used from around third grade through sixth grade. (That was back in the day when elementary school included grades 1-6.) I literally carried this lunch box every day. I never remember buying a school lunch (and they were nutritional and homemade back then). Instead, my mom packed a lunch for me each and every day. This box perfectly represents my childhood.

Now you may not think this is very creative, but . . . I sat with my lunchbox and remembered my childhood. Then I listed out word . . . people, places, events, and things that came to mind. Those memories I scattered inside the lunchbox. You’ll notice a pile of coins in the bottom of the lunch box. They represent my memories of childhood. Each memory in and off itself is like a penny you find on the ground . . . nice, but probably not of much worth to anyone. But collective, those memories make up who I am—collectively they have great value.

These memories can serve as another source of writing ideas for me, so that is extremely valuable, too. As a matter of fact, some of the memories hold multiple stories. I can't wait to explore them in my writing.

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