Sunday, July 10, 2011

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Quote of the Week:
Week of July 10: Author Study—Mem Fox
Writing a picture book is like writing War and Peace in Haiku.
—Mem Fox

My favorite picture book of all time (and mind you, that’s like Mother Hubbard choosing a favorite child) is Wilford Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox. When I mention the book, I’m always amazed that few authors know who Mem Fox is. Perhaps it’s because she doesn’t have a current bestseller or that she’s from Australia. I realized recently that I really don’t know that much about Mem Fox either. So this week I’m studying some of Mem’s books and sharing what I discover with you.

Monday—Variety, Variety, Variety
Tuesday—Memorable Characters
Wednesday—Heart, Gravitas, and Denouement
Thursday—Economy of Words and Making Each Word Count
Friday—Putting It All Into Practice

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JR said...

Yay! I LOVE Mem Fox! Shs is one of my favorites. She has an interesting website, too, with plenty of tips for authors.