Sunday, July 31, 2011


Week of July 31—Picture Book Trends—I. C. E. Q.
Quote of the Week:
The larger the island of knowledge, the greater the shoreline of wonder.
—Ralph Stockman


You are scratching your heading trying and trying to figure out who or what I.C.E.Q. is. You’ve tried pronouncing it. You’ve Googled it, thinking perhaps a rapper has appeared on the picture book scene. At least one of you has even posted a query on Twitter. Well wonder no more. I.C.E.Q. stands for a few trends or styles of pictures books I keep hearing a lot about, and this week we’re going to explore some stellar examples of each.

Tuesday—C—Character Driven
Wednesday—E—Event Driven

As we explore these picture book trends this week, we’ll try to do what our quote says—enlarge our island of knowledge and then see what wonders await us on the shores of writing.

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