Monday, July 18, 2011

Creative Challenge #5--Childhood-in-a-Box

Creative Challenge #5—Childhood-in-a-Box

Purpose: To show your feelings about and memories of childhood in a concrete, tangible way. You may choose to reflect on your own childhood, the childhood of your children, or childhood today.

Challenge Components:
1.     Your creation must be in or on a box.
2.     Your box may be any size or shape.
3.     Your creation should show your feelings about/memories of childhood.
4.     You may use any materials you want—let your mind run free.

(For you concrete thinkers, let me share some examples: a shadow box with items inside; a box covered with interactive pockets, pull-outs, and do-dads; items thrown into a cardboard box; a gingerbread treasure box filled with sweets; a lunch box covered with magnets; and more.)

Sharing the Challenge:
1.     Place your creation in a prominent place in your writing work space.
2.     Take a photo and email it to In the body of your email give me permission to include the photo of your work on PICTURE THIS! I’ll post photos throughout the week. (If you choose not to share, no worries. You’ll still have the creative experience!)

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