Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What Would You Like to See on PICTURE THIS?

My approach to PICTURE THIS! has been to cover topics that interests me, to research about things I need to improve in my writing, and to share what is inspiring me. But I realize YOU are out there following along, and I want to make sure we’re covering topics of interest to you.

So here’s your chance, use the comments section below to add suggestions for content for PICTURE THIS!, to pose a burning question, to suggestion an author to interview, or to share what would be helpful to you. I’ll compile the info I receive and use that info to shape future posts.



Leslie Gorin said...

Hi Rob,

I have a handful of ideas. Here goes:

1) Definitely more interviews authors. Mo Willems, Mem Fox, & Alexis O'Neill are suggestions that come to mind.

2) Interviews with editors. What are they most looking for? What are they sick of--or worse, what sends them running screaming out the door?

3) Discussion of agents, maybe including interviews. How much do we need one, even to start out? How hard is it for a picture book writer to find one? And if we should be so lucky, how hard is it to negotiate a contract without one?

4) More recommendations of favorite picture books.

5) More suggestions of best books about the craft.

That's it! Hope it's useful. And thanks :)

Leslie G.

Rob Sanders said...

Great ideas, Leslie! I'm beginning a list. For a good site that tells a lot about working with agents see agent Mary Kole's site at kidlit.com. Filled with great, honest info! More to come!