Monday, June 13, 2011

A Note About Tammi's Slush Pile Success

I was amazed when I heard that Tammi’s first book, Cowboy Camp, was a slush pile submission. How about you? Today, on Facebook, Tammi received a message from the person who found the manuscript in the slush. David Doepker wrote:

"Of the few hundred slush pile submissions I went through in my (relatively short) career, yours was one of only two I ever published. I knew right away Cowboy Camp had "it." It had just the right mix of everything: instant connection to Avery, read-ability, story arc, a little tension, satisfying resolution and ending. You have the gift!"

I wanted to share this quote because he gives more kudos to Tammi and it reveals just how difficult it is to be discovered through the slush pile. RS

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