Sunday, June 5, 2011


No that is not Jack Nicholson is his latest scary movie role—that’s me. I’m getting pie’d by the best-of-the-best of this year’s writing students. Last week we held a celebration for our 78 fourth -grade writers with a picnic, relays, games, and a good old-fashioned pie-ing.  Which makes me wonder, what have YOU done lately to celebrate your writing success? No, you can’t throw a pie in my face, but you do need to celebrate.

I just heard you say, “Me? Celebrate my writing? I’m not published yet.” So? Have you worked hard on a revision? Developed an innovative plot? Brainstormed a fun, new character? There are many reasons to celebrate your writing. Celebrating those mini milestones gives you the energy to keep on keeping on.

I have one word for you today—CELEBRATE!


Grillyfish said...

Any excuse to celebrate is always a good one but I never thought of celebrating writing milestones - no matter how far from published you are!

I am going to go and make myself some brownies to celebrate the fact I recently created a typed version of my pb dummy... I will send one your way too! :)

Rob Sanders said...

Delicious! You go!