Friday, March 18, 2011

Prowling through Margie's Website

Week of March 13—A Chat with Margie Palatini
Friday, March 18—Prowling through Margie’s Website

After spending the last few days reading the interview with Margie Palatini, I’m sure you’re inspired. Let’s close out the week by exploring Margie’s phenomenal website. Every time I go to her site, I get inspiration for things to do with my site and insights into my writing.

So log on to do some exploring. Below are some on my observations (with links to the pages referenced).’

1. Ok, I’m in love with the look of this site. Friendly, fun, and it totally draws me into the books Margie has written.

2. How smart to promote your newest work on the home page of the site.

3. The "Book" tab leads straight to all of Margie’s books( and then you can choose a specific book, click on it, and learn more. Notice the links to book sellers on the right-hand side. Smart.

4.  The "Activity" tab is my favorite ( I can tell you from working in an elementary school that teachers love good books and they love activities to use with those books. The reproducibles are great . . . kids can download and use them and so can teachers. Since each activity uses art from the book it relates to, there is a visual link. Even more activity links are provided on the "What’s L3?" tab (, including my favorite thing of all—readers theater scripts based on some of Margie’s most popular books (

5. We’ve explored the “Inspiration” tab ( this week, but it’s worth revisiting to see Margie’s Brain Closet and Inspiration Equations.

6. I am impressed with the options for school visits that are provided ( There are the traditional school visits, I-chats, Skype, emails to the characters in Margie’s books, and more.

Not had enough Margie Palatini yet? Well go grab a couple of her books and read them a loud. You’ll have a blast—I guarantee it!

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