Monday, March 7, 2011

Creative Challenge #2: Ideas from A to Z


The challenge this week (that’s Monday through Friday) is to create an A to Z list of ideas to use to inspire stories. Yes, that’s 26 NEW ideas!

The idea you list could be a word, theme, animal, situation, feeling, memory, title, question, observation, news event, and so on it. Your ideas could be inspired by photos, artifacts, other books, paintings, billboards, magazines, TV shows, movies, eavesdropping, and more! 

If you are a step-by-step person, you may want to move from A to Z. If you’re more random/abstract, jump from letter to letter. You may come up with ten ideas one day and none the next. Just keep the goal in mind—at least 26 ideas by the end of the week.

Don’t be afraid to list more than one idea for each letter of the alphabet. Since when has having too many ideas been a bad thing?!

1. Post your list in your writing area for inspiration.
2. You may share your entire list with fellow bloggers, one or two of your ideas, or
you may keep them all top secret.
3. Post any ideas you want to share below.

My list is up and ready to go! So come on and join the fun!


Lisa J. Michaels said...

Thanks for the motivation Rob! I may not be finding much writing time these days, but I can always come up with and write down my IDEAS! I'll save them for the days when I can lay down my paintbrush! Now, back to that illustration, dang-it!

Christie Wright Wild said...

Did you know that April is the blogfest A-Z month? All blog entries go from A-Z for the month of April. Are you up for the challenge?