Friday, March 11, 2011

Challenge Update!

It’s Friday and the end of Creative Challenge #2: Ideas from A to Z. But let’s face it, writers are never finished gathering ideas.

I did gather at least one idea for all 26 letters of the alphabet and a total of 37 ideas. I must admit some of the ideas are better than others and some of these ideas will never see the light of day. The creative process was a good experience, however. Here are a few of my favorites:

·        Double Dutch Danger (I have no idea what it means—but I love the sound of it)
·        Heifer Hoe-down (Using Margie Palatini’s Moo Who? with students this week inspired this idea.)
·        Opossum on the Porch (Yes, I had one on the porch!)
·        Twinkle Toes (inspired by tennis shoes with blinking lights in the toes) 
·        WASP-33b (the hottest planet discovered with a surface temperature of 579 degrees)

I’d love to know about your creative experience and any ideas you’d like to share!


Carla said...

Just reading WASP 33-B makes me want to learn more about it! Nice job on the idea collection!

Rob Sanders said...

Thanks, Carla! Thank goodness for those weekly Scholastic magazines our 4th graders get at school--that's how I learn most things these days! LOL!