Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Childhood Memories Mini-Challenge

Week of February 12, 2012: A Mini-Challenge Throw Down
Wednesday, February 15—Childhood Memories Mini-Challenge

Sit down and recollect. What was the happiest memory from your childhood? Summer camp? Time with a grandparent? Swimming with cousins? A family reunion? Time alone reading a book? Learning a new sport or skill? Free time with friends?

1.      List out those memories.
2.      Identify one or two memories that might have universal appeal and could serve as a story starter.
3.      Now take the opposite approach. Think of your worst, most embarrassing moments of childhood. (Mine was ripping my pants in P.E. as a 4th grader.) Now list down those memories and see if they inspire a story.


Joanna said...

Brilliant prompts! Going to do this during my lunch break!

Rob Sanders said...

I hope it goes well, Joanna! RS