Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What's News? Mini-Challenge

Week of February 12, 2012: A Mini-Challenge Throw Down
Tuesday, February 14—What’s News? Mini-Challenge

Listen to the news—NPR, your local traffic report, the national news¸ Entertainment Tonight (ok, that’ sa stretch). Read the newspaper, magazines, and children’s periodicals. Look and listen for tidbits to inspire a story. Perhaps it’s a story about a physicist who saw inventions in his boyhood dreams, a story about lotus flowers blooming in a dump in Bangladesh, or an elementary school perched on the edge of a volcano. I don’t fancy myself a nonfiction writer, but that doesn’t mean nonfiction topics can’t inspire my writing.

1.      Spend a day immersed in news and pop culture.
2.      List what you discover.
3.      Do you feel inspired to research a nonfiction story? Do you see fiction potentioal within the nonfiction?
4.      Keep listening and looking.

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