Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Special Events in the Lives of Children

Week of October 16—Finding Hooks to Inspire Your Books
Wednesday, October 19—Special Events in the Lives of Children

When I visited Barnes & Noble on Saturday there was a display with books about new babies and becoming a big brother and big sister. This caught my eye since my great-niece has just “welcomed” a twin brother and sister into her family. Many of the “starting school” books that had been featured back in August and September have found their way onto shelves—but at least they're still in the store! When thinking of hooks, we can think beyond seasons and holidays. We can think about the lives of children, issues they face, events in which they participant on a regular basis, and more.

School Events, Activities, and Happenings
First Day of School
School Supply Shopping
Media Center Orientation
Touring School
Red Ribbon Week—Say No to Drugs (October)
Great American Teach-in (November)
Picture Day
Science Fair
Spelling Bee
Christmas Party (Holiday Party)
Winter Break
Book Fair
Field Trips
Tests, Tests, Tests
Talent Shows
Fire Drills
Valentine Party
Spring Break
Last Day of School

Family Events
New Baby
New House
Visiting Grandparents
Celebrating Holidays
New Pet

Childhood Development/Stages
First Tooth
First Steps
First Haircut
Becoming a Big Sister/Brother
Visiting Doctor
Visiting Dentist
Going to Preschool
Going to Kindergarten
Going to School
Sleepovers and Homesickness
Summer Camp


Cathy Ballou Mealey said...

I can add another school event that is very popular and would be a good book hook:

Principal For A Day!

Rob Sanders said...

Great idea! THANKS!

Sandi said...

Love your list! We (educators)focus on skills, but it's the events in life that "hook" us. Following your blog!

Rob Sanders said...

Agreed, Sandi! THANKS!