Saturday, October 1, 2011

The School of Magical Writing Scribes

What a great first session with the Magical Writing Scribes at Mintz Elementary. The wizards-in-waiting entered and were sorted into houses.

Of course, there was an abundance of potions and spells!

The scribes cast spells to make vivid verbs and specific nouns and then used them to create moment descriptions. Then they wrote, and wrote, and wrote.

And what writing adventure would be complete without a tasty chocolate sorting hat treat?


Debbie Moltisanti said...

We had a fantastic morning!

Rob Sanders said...

Me, too, DM! THANKS!

storyqueen said...

What an amazingly cool idea! I have my class sorted into houses already, but I am totally in love with the idea of the Scribes.

Well done!


Rob Sanders said...

Thanks, Shelley!