Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Holidays and Observances Celebrating Diversity

Week of October 16—Finding Hooks to Inspire Your Books
Tuesday, October 18—Holidays and Observances Celebrating Diversity  

As a writer you may know about (or discover) and event that needs to celebrated and written about that no one else has tapped into. Who’s to say that a publisher or bookseller wouldn’t decide that the topic you have introduced isn’t worthy of being featured in a store? Be creative, venture into new territory . . . but remember that you can pitch the event, holiday, or observances along with your book. You might very well create a new hook of which no one else could have dreamed!

Holidays and Observances Celebrating Diversity
Religious Freedom Day

Black History Month
Chinese Lunar New Year
Rosa Parks’ Birthday
Mexico Constitution Day
Race Relations Day

Greek-American Heritage Month
Irish-American Heritage Month
Women’s History Month
World Day of Prayer
Brazil Carnival

National Tartan Day

Asian Pacific American History Month
Jewish-American Heritage Month
National Day of Prayer (USA)
Holocaust Memorial Day
Cinco de Mayo
May Day

Fil-American Friendship Day
Gay and Lesbian Pride Month

Hispanic Heritage Month

German-American Heritage Month
National Italian-American Heritage Month
Polish-American Heritage Month

National American Indian Heritage Month

Seasonal Changes
Spring, March
Summer, June (Summer Solstice—longest daylight)
Fall, September
Winter, December (Winter Solstice—shortest daylight)

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