Saturday, May 28, 2011

Coming This Week!

Week of May 29, 2011—Lessons from My Mentors
Quote of the week:
“You understand now that the more you give, the more you have left to give?”
—from Sharing Susan by Eve Bunting

I chose the quote above because this week I want you to meet two people who give more to writers than anyone else I know. Jamie Morris and Joyce Sweeney are two of my mentors. I met Joyce at an SCBWI, Florida, Picture Book intensive and then met Jamie when she and Joyce led a Marketing Intensive (one of their many Next Level Intensives) I attended.  What I have found in Joyce and Jamie are two people who share a common purpose/mission/goal: to help writers grow and develop and get published!

As a friend recently pointed out to me, all writers have the goal to get published. I agree. But most writers don’t go at it intentionally and few have someone in their corner who cheers them on and guides them through the journey. I’ve mentioned before how I’ve found the children’s writing community to be one of encouragement and people willing helping one another. Joyce and Jamie (who probably would say they aren’t really picture book experts, though they are) are among my most helpful supporters and loudest cheerleaders!

Jamie and Joyce are sharing from their hearts and their work this week. Jamie has contributed three posts that will reveal important qualities needed in our writing and in our writing careers. Joyce is sharing how she found her ultimate writing passion and how she’s living out that passion. You’re in for a treat this week!

Monday—Happy Memorial Day!
Tuesday—Confessions of a Short Story Judge, Jamie Morris
Wednesday— Cart Horse, Jamie Morris
Thursday— Risky Business, Jamie Morris
Friday— Finding Your Passion, Joyce Sweeney

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