Monday, January 31, 2011


Week of January 30—Creative Challenge #1

The inspiration for this challenge comes from Lin Oliver, SCWBI executive director, you led participants at the 2010 LA conference in a similar activity.

1.Think of a famous person (living or dead) and then create a title for that person’s memoir.
2.Think outside the box, find the humor, push the limits.
3. Don’t stop with just one! Keep stretching and making connections for more titles.

            I’m Head Over Heels for You by Anne Boleyn
            IHOP by Captain Kangaroo         
            Hair to Eternity by Snookie
            I Was Purplicious Before Purplicious Was Cool by Barney
Post your titles as comments. I’ll compile a final list for all to view!


laura brown said...

Accents, Accessories and Antiques - its a good thing by Martha Stewart

I was trying to be PC and stay away from orange jumpsuit references or 4 by 4 cell references.

Unknown said...

What really went down in the White House by Monica Lewinsky

Christie Wright Wild said...

I love your purple title. Too funny!

The Queen Gave Me My Crown When I Was a Baby by Lady Gaga

The Gravitation of a Fig by Sir Isaac Newton

Jonah Is My Cousin by Diana, Princess of Wales

Teacher, She's Hitting Me by Adolf Hitler

Pressing the Blue Suede by Elvis Presley

Father Frankenstein Rescued Me in 1922 by Edith Stein

Notice a pattern? Great fun!

Rob Sanders said...

Sharon, Laura, and Christie--you creative souls! You cracked me up!