Saturday, January 15, 2011

Illustration Map

Heather Lambie (friend, fellow PB&J Critique Group member, PICTURE THIS! follower, and all-around good person), developed a helpful Illustration Map after reading Thursday’s blog. In addition to being a great picture writer, Heather is also an organizational expert. That’s why she immediately created an organizational strategy to help with laying out a picture book! You can visit Heather at! THANKS for sharing with us, Heather!

If you would like a PDF of the Illustration Map, leave a comment along with your mail address. RS


laura brown said...


Thanks for sharing the tool. I would love a pdf version

laura brown said...

oops forgot to leave email

Christie Wright Wild said...

It's also called a story board. They use them in movies for scenes. Kim Fleming, children's book author, has one available on her website, too.