Monday, January 3, 2011

Dream Your Writing Dreams

Monday, January 3—Dream Your Writing Dreams

A dream come true . . . a pipe dream . . . the American dream . . . in a dream world . . . beyond my wildest dreams . . . dream on . . . in your dreams . . . Have you ever noticed that dreams are sometimes encouraged and sometimes scoffed? I’ve gotten that mixed message before. As a matter of fact, I never told anyone my four dreams for 2010. But since the year is safely over, I guess I can fess up! And I can do one better than that. I can show you my goals as they appear on a notecard taped to my desk.

Of course, I had no idea last January that three of those four dreams would be reached. (But more about that later.)

A dream comes from a deep desire. What is the biggest, most extravagant writing dream you can imagine? Dream big. What are your writing dreams/desires? What do you want the end result of your writing to be? CAUTION: Don’t confuse your dreams with your goals. (Goals are the strategies we use to make dreams come true. We’ll get to goals tomorrow.) Some dreams can be realized this year and others will be more long-term.

Your dream might be to be independently wealthy, to live on a private island, to travel the world, to go back to college, to begin a family. I want you to dream big, but I also want your dreams to be focused. Those dreams might actually come true due to your writing successes. But what are your writing dreams/desires? If you can’t articulate your dreams, you can’t see them come to life. If you can’t envision your dreams, then all the goals in the world may not be satisfying to you

I dream of seeing my books on the shelves of Barnes & Nobles. I dream of seeing my books on the shelves of the Bloomingdale Library (just down the street from my home) and in the libraries of the elementary schools where I’ve taught—Potter, Buckhorn, and Jackson. I dream of giving my great niece, Madi, autographed copies of my books and reading them with her.  I dream of writing books that have literary and commercial success. Those are long-term (or mid-term, maybe) goals.

But what writing dreams do I have that might actually come true in 2011? I dream of signing with a great agent this year. I dream of selling five books this year. (Dream big, right?!) I dream of becoming more adept at rhyme and meter (and my mentors wish I would!).

1. Grab some paper and jot down your writing dreams. Dream big!
2. Post your dreams where you can see them every day.  Dream on!
3. Come back tomorrow and we’ll discuss how to work to make your dreams come true!