Friday, February 8, 2013

Envision Your Character

Week of February 3, 2013—Thinking About Characters
February 8—Envision Your Character

Diane Muldrow, Golden Books/Random House editor, has taught me a lot about the visual components of picture books. Diane believes that even if you never show your art suggestions to anyone and even if your editor never wants art notes, you need to work through all the visual components of your book. Knowing what you see on each page of a book helps you know if your story line is complete, if you’ve created the needed tension/suspense for a page turn, and even if how you’ve envisioned your character is being portrayed through the text of your story.

So today I’m going to suggest you do something that you may never share with anyone, and that you may never include in your manuscript. Think visually about your character today.

What are your character’s visual traits?
How do you envision your character’s appearance?

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