Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Quiet Thing

So many good things have happened in my world of writing in the last few years. Most of the time I just stand open-mouthed, surprised at my good fortune. My friends ask, “Aren’t you excited?” If you know me, you know my excitement level is subtle and low-key. I’ve had a hard time describing the quiet feeling of joy that has come from reaching some of my goals and seeing more great things coming in the future.

Tonight I heard a song from the Broadway musical, Flora, the Red Menace. I never heard of the musical which premiered in 1965, or the song, “A Quiet Thing.” But the lyrics of this song perfectly express my feelings.

“A Quiet Thing”
Music: John Kander
Lyrics: Fred Ebb

When it all comes true
Just the way you planned
It’s funny but the bells don’t ring
It’s a quiet thing

When you hold the world
In your trembling hand
You think you’d hear a choir singing
But it’s a quiet thing

There are no exploding fireworks
Where’s the roaring of the crowds
Maybe it’s the strange new atmosphere
Way up here among the clouds

Happiness comes in on tiptoe
Well what d’ya know
It’s a quiet thing
A very quiet thing

If I could sing the song, I’d sing it just like Barbra Streisand does on a clip I saw on Youtube. Watch the clip, and you’ll know how I feel as I continue to celebrate the wonderful things happening in and around me. Here’s the link:


Kathy Ellen Davis said...

Nice post, Rob!
I listened to the song and I have to say, I agree.
I just recently got an agent.
I did the whole announcement thing and a celebratory video, but I still felt like I was in a little bit of shock.

I think I was just having a quiet thing response.
It's something that you want for so long,
and when it comes true you just have to bask in it.
Quietly :)

heatherdent56 said...

Lovely song. I hope to know this feeling in the future as I strive to make my way into the publishing world.

Kelly H-Y said...

Those are absolutely perfect words for the feeling you're describing. Loved this. Thanks for sharing. And, congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Thanks for sharing and keep that quiet feeling of joy!

Anonymous said...

Great song--I'd never heard it. Might the lyrics be "roaring of the crowd" rather than "boring of the crowd" ?