Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wise Quotes

Week of January 27, 2013—Wisdom from FL SCBWI, Miami
Wednesday, January 30—Wise Quotes

“You need to care about what the marketplace wants right now.” 
—Toni Buzzeo

“I’m looking for commercial picture books with strong literary appeal and strong stories.”
—Maria Modugno

“Ask yourself, ‘Why do I want to write for children?’ Push the why as far as you can—there’s always another level.”
—Bruce Coville

“We want to meet kids where they are and kids are on digital devices.”
—Rubin Pfeffer

“Outline extensively.”
—Michael Stearns

“Is the wall [getting a picture book published] higher? Yes. But who says we can’t climb higher?”
—Toni Buzzeo

—Dan Yaccarino
(Dan’s entire presentation was about saying yes to opportunities.)

“Work on projects that matter to you.”
—Ellen Hopkins

“Talent + Perseverance + Luck + Courage = Success”
—Ellen Hopkins

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