Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Advice from Maurice

Week of January 1, 2013—A Brand New Beginning
Tuesday, January 1—Advice from Maurice

Have you ever wished you could sit down with a writing great—past or present—and just talk? Those opportunities may never come, and if they do, they will be few and far between. The next best things are biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, and interviews that we can delve into and “hear” from the greats. I had one of those experiences months ago when I happened upon Terry Gross’ interview with Maurice Sendak on NPR. It was evening, and I was on my way to the store. I sat in the parking lot and listened to the entire interview before completing my errand. That was late 2011 I think.

Maurice Sendak passed away this year. Yesterday, my friend, Linda Shute, sent me a link to a New York Times Magazine illustrated video by Christoph Niemann which celebrates Terry Gross’ interview with Sendak. Like me, Niemann was in his car when he first heard the interview. You must watch this clip to begin the year.

Sendak’s closing remarks are ones that could become a mantra for the new year—“Live your life. Live your life. Live your life.”

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Tammi Sauer said...

Hooray! Picture This! is baaaa-aaaack. :)

Thanks for starting off 2013 in such a beautiful way.