Sunday, January 22, 2012

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Week of January 22, 2012—Picture Book Writer’s Glossary
Quote of the week:
Nothing leads so straight to futility as literary ambitions without systematic knowledge.
—H.G. Wells

Few people know that Picture This! really exists to help me learn more about writing picture books. By sharing what I learn, I have more accountability to keep on learning. In this same spirit, a few years ago I began to write definitions for writing crafts, terms, and topics that I was learning about. Creating my own definitions was my way of internalizing what I was learning. The collection resulted in a glossary.

This week I’m sharing my glossary. This is very much a fluid document that changes and grows. I can’t guarantee that every definition is text-book, but I can guarantee that every definition comes from my current, working understanding of each term. Throughout the glossary I’ve provided links to Picture This! blog posts about related topics.

As you read through and use the glossary this week, be sure to add your two cents worth in the comments section. If there are terms you want defined and added to the glossary, please let me know.

Monday—The Glossary, A-D
Tuesday—The Glossary, E-L
Wednesday—The Glossary, M-Q
Thursday—The Glossary, R-S
Friday—The Glossary, T-Z

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