Friday, April 8, 2011


My editor loves my revisions and even quoted lines that made her laugh. She wants me to rethink the page layout of the text. (Yes, every editor is different and some even want art suggestions and suggestions for text layout!) We're to have a conference call on Monday. Woo-whoo!


JR said...

That's great, Rob! I have just discovered your blog this past month. I LOVE the premise of your story and can't wait to pre-order it. I am new to SCBWI and have just finished my first picture book, which I will get out to publishers/agents/the universe as soon as possible (hoping to start querying in a week or two). I wish you all the best! I will keep checking on your website and blog - they are informative and fun. Thanks for sharing!

Rob Sanders said...

Thanks, Jackie. The process is really fun!