Sunday, April 10, 2011

Coming This Week!

Week of April 10—Creative Challenge #3—Cupcake Wars!
Quotes for the week:
Writing is a sweet, wonderful reward.
—Franz Kafka

I don’t understand what it is to crave recognition. I like recognition. I crave cupcakes.
—Cupcake Quotes, Twitter

Ok, you bakers, snackers, and wonderful picture book writers, it’s time for our latest creative challenge. I am a television food challenge junky. I just love seeing what people create when the creative gauntlet is thrown down and the clock starts ticking. One of my favorite shows is CUPCAKE WARS. Whoever dreamed you could make 1,000 cupcakes of four different varieties AND build a humongous display in one hour? Well any picture book writer can tell you that what we do every day seems just as daunting (if not quite as delicious). So let’s combine our world of writing with the culinary world’s cupcake wars.

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