Saturday, November 3, 2012

What a day!

at Inkwood Books, Tampa, FL

Cowboy Hapi and his best gal, Patty, greeted folks with toe-tapping music.

There was a spread of vittles.

Balloons floated at the festivities. (Thanks to my Canadian critique pal, Aimee.)

There was talkin.

And book readin.

And book signin.

The books sold out, the cookies were chomped down, the kids were hilarious, my friends were so helpful, and we laughed and had a blast.

Thanks to my PB&J critique group, my sister, Pat, and the staff of Inkwood for helping create a humdinger of a shindig!


Kathy Ellen Davis said...

Congratulations, Rob!
This day looks so fun, it's true!
Selling out of books is impressive...and the balloons and the food and the music...I hope you have many more booklaunches that are equally awesome :)

Tina Cho said...

That's a very creative spread! And those vittles look yummy! Congratulations for selling out of books!

Anonymous said...

The books sold out???!!!! Yeehaw and Yippee to a huge success! I'm very happy for you, Rob!