Sunday, November 4, 2012

Another Fun Day!


Today I participated in Written Inspiration: A Childrens Book-signing Event at the Hern Museum of Art, University of Florida, Gainesville.

Of course, my trusty cactus, hat, and boots went along for the trip.

Kids who visited my table made COWBOY CHRISTMAS bolo ties.

Best story of the day:
Two young boys and their mom rushed over to my table. We checked your book out from our library last week, and weve read it eight nights in a row for bedtime. 

I asked the boys what their favorite part of the book was. One responded, Its about cowboys and Christmas. (That about sums it up, doesnt it?!) 

While the boys were busy, Grandma snuck away and bought them a copy for Christmas. Of course, I autographed the book and added a big YEE-HAW!


Tina Cho said...

How neat you were an inspiration to those boys!

wendy ulmer said...

Congratulations! My first published book was a cowboy book, also - A Campfire for Cowboy Billy.
I wore my dad's fringed vest and my mom's boots for the signings. Enjoy!

Lauri Meyers said...

Your blog is becoming a tutorial on how to launch a book! I'm stooping here first if (when!) the day comes to launch my first book.