Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pinning Up a Proclamation

Week of October 30, 2011—Signs of the Time for Picture Book Writers
Tuesday, November 1—Pinning Up a Proclamation

Have you read in history books about decrees and proclamations being pinned to trees, pasted to poles, and glued on walls? It was the Facebook or Twitter of its time—a way to get a message out to the public quickly.

Recently, some picture book authors and illustrators posted a proclamation for the world to see. They posted it online, they posted it in periodicals, they posted it in the form of letters, emails, and blogs. The idea started with author Mac Barnett and quickly spread. I am happy to share this sign—this PROCLAMATION—with you.

To see the Proclamation full-size, visit www.thepicturebook.co.

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