Friday, November 25, 2011

Leftovers, Of Course

Week of November 20: Grateful for a Few More Writing Ideas
Friday, November 25: Leftovers, Of Course

I hate that the day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday. The day after giving thanks should have a more positive moniker . . . perhaps Shiny Friday or Rainbow Friday would work. One thing I love about the Friday after Thanksgiving is leftovers. I knew I would be spending Thanksgiving with my sister and we had a long debate about whether we were going to cook a meal for the two of us or go to a restaurant. My sister (who was advocating for cooking at home) finally said, “But think of all the leftovers we’ll have!” That’s all the convincing I needed. We’ll be cooking this year.

Today look for “leftovers” in your writing that can inspire additional ideas.

-Look through your files of manuscripts started, but never finished. Is there a new idea hiding there?
-Think of characters, scenes, words, and phrases you have cut from other manuscripts. Any ideas among those leftovers?
-Search through your writing notebook. Any words, phrases, snippets of conversation, or little notes there that could be a writing idea?

I’m sure Paula Dean can turn a pile of Thanksgiving leftovers into a delectable meal. And I bet we can turn our writing leftovers into some delectable stories!

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