Tuesday, June 21, 2016

About the Dedication . . .

It’s All About the Kids

While Debbie Ridpath Ohi dedicated RUBY ROSE OFF TO SCHOOL SHE GOES to a special teacher, I dedicated the book to my students—past and present—who encourage me to kick up my heels every day. 

Some of my former students pushed me into writing by asking again and again, “Why haven’t you written a book?” and others have encouraged me along my writing journey, celebrating as books are released, checking my books out of the class library and reading them over and over, asking about my current works in progress, and saying things like, “I bet you’re rich since you’re a teacher AND an author.” (That one gives me a chuckle every time.) And my students encourage me through their own creativity and risk-taking. If they can try something new, if they can put themselves out there, so can I!

So here’s to the countless number of kids I’ve taught at school, church, and everywhere else. You have made a difference in my life.

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Ingrid Boydston said...

This just makes me happy. Thanks for sharing!