Sunday, December 4, 2011

Coming This Week!

Week of December 4—What Do I Do With All These Ideas?!
Quotes of the Week:
Opportunity waits between things ended and things begun.
—Kobi Yamada

The future is made in the present. People either embrace new ideas or they crush them.
—David Lamm

PiBoIdMo is over and many of us find ourselves with a stack of new ideas for picture books. (Good for us!) One thing has ended, and now it’s time for something new to begin. We have the opportunity to embrace our ideas and take them to the next level, or let them languish in our notebooks and minds.

In my opinion, the fun (and work) has just begun! Now comes the chance to sort through those ideas, find some gems, and begin to polish them. Come along this week and we’ll do just that.

Monday—Sort, Link, Prioritize
Tuesday—Unique and Things Too Familiar
Wednesday—Find What Moves You (and Makes You Chuckle)
Thursday—Plan Your #1 Pick
Friday—Keep Revisiting and Reworking Those Ideas

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Stacy S. Jensen said...

I'm loving the email subscription. I don't have to miss a thing. Sounds like a fun week ahead.